Suzanne Phillips and Ieva Tatarsky September 6 – November 6
Suzanne Phillips is a painter and Waldoboro native who has summered on a private island in Muscongus Bay in the family’s 1850s stone cape for over 65 years.  In this new body of work, she has expanded her study of island shores and interiors to include the shoals and ledges which surround her island home.
Her seascapes and studies of rock formations are created on location using pens and watercolors.  She then works in her studio using these studies to build forceful images that oscillate with vitality and chromatic sensitivity.  Her paintings accent the rhythms of island life and her reverence for nature.
Phillips states, “For me, making art is a searching process. It is this deep exploration of nature which allows me to deal with the complexities of seeing.  I strive to bring out the poetic, rather than the purely literal elements of my subjects.

Ieva Tatarsky’s, drawings are inspired by the energy of nature – movement of clouds, wind in trees, rushing streams.  At times, it is a quieter energy in a green place.  Sitting beside opened bottles of colored inks, observing at close range the shapes of leaves and grasses.  Admiring how pea tendrils hold onto a fence.  Sounds of crows, bees – the buzz of hummingbird.  Heat, haze, sun and all the fragrances of summer.These elements combine to make drawing outdoors an intense sensory experience.  Ieva attempts to transfer feelings to a visual medium.