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Support Your Library

Support Your Library

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The Gibbs Library has an all volunteer library staff and welcomes your donations to continue to meet the needs of the local community.

We have a general fund that supports the annual budget for the library collection, programs, computers and supplies.

If you would like to Become a Friend of the Gibbs Library, please stop by and talk with one of our volunteers or download the Friend of the Gibbs Library Donation Form and mail to Gibbs Library. (Acrobat Reader required for viewing.)

Endowment fund back to top

The Endowment Fund, established in 1992, ensures the long-term financial stability of the Gibbs library. The principle remains intact except for emergency situations.  Only the interest  from the fund can be used for library operations by a vote of the Board.  If you would like to contribute to the Endowment Fund, download the Friend of the Gibbs Library Donation Form and mail to Gibbs Library. (Acrobat Reader required for viewing).

Volunteer Opportunities back to top

The library is supported by our many volunteers who spend hours by being a desk volunteer, helping at our annual Giant Garage and Plant Sale, baking for our many programs and events. If you would like to volunteer, please stop by the library or call us at 845-2663.


Book donations back to top

Donations of gently used, clean and non-mildewed books, DVD movies & audio books are always welcome. Selling used books is one of the library's important fund-raising activities. If you'd like us to come and pick up your books, simply reply to this email or drop-off books at the library during regular hours.  (Please remember that books donated specifically for use in the library may or may not be placed on the shelves - the decision about which books go on the shelves is at the discretion of our librarian.)  


Purchases back to top


CookbookThe cookie cookbook from many patrons of our community is at the library and available for a $5 donation. Filled with cookie recipes both new and timeless and promises to be the most popular library cookbook ever.  Don't miss out!  Your $5 donation supports our all volunteer library and goes toward library operation, new books and community events. 



hatsWe offer many different colored hats embossed with the "04574" zip code of Washington. Come in and select the color you like. $20.


We have an ongoing book sale with many varieties of books. Browse the large shelves for that long forgotten book. Prices start at 50¢.


Hungry while you are looking for a book? There is a basket at the librarian desk with selections of chocolates--for a dollar a bag.